Monday, January 31, 2011

Top 5 Tips To Save Wood Veneer From Damage

Proper care can ensure your wood veneer will remain beautiful for a long time!

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Top 5 Tips To Save Wood Veneer From Damage

Wood veneer is an environmental friendly material developed by extremely thin sheet of lumber and is available at common home-improvement shops. Wood Veneer can give amazing wood grain appearance to furniture or other materials. Further they are of common use in making plywood that comprises of thin layers of veneer stuck together. They are particularly made of various species of tree, unfinished wood or finished one that comes in 3 mm thick sheet or lesser.

Wood Veneer can be used for cupboard remodeling, parquet floors, speaker covers, car interiors, furniture or kitchen cabinets. It is the best choice and cost effective way of replacing or remodeling furniture.

Some of the common types of wood veneer would include - Raw Wood Veneer, Rotary-Cut Veneers, Backed Veneers, Laminate Veneer and Backed Veneers. Depending upon the cutting method of veneer one can achieve amazingly diverse visual effects with woods grain and uniqueness. For example, two logs of one species that are cut in different ways will ultimately produce distinctive and individual veneers. All types of Veneer are made differently and have different use, but most of them are low priced and can last long with proper care

Following are 5 simple yet effective ways to protect your veneer from damage:

1. It is always better to wipe up wood veneer with a fresh cotton rag. This should be a routine because long drawn dust of surface can damage the veneer. Dust accumulated on it can cause scratches and damage it totally also. Always rub the wood veneer in just the same direction of wood grain, using additional cotton rag. Wipe off the veneer with the cloth rag, until it dries up. Microfiber cloth is an alternative to cotton rag.

2. Wood veneer is more delicate than a normal furniture piece at home. Any mark on the wood need to be taken care immediately, as it could leave an enduring mark on it. Simultaneously you should also avoid keeping heavy stuffs and hot items on it to avoid damage. And the more you avoid sun for veneer the more it will last.

3. For cleaning you should possibly go for wax-free cleaner for example, lemon oil or plain warm water. Chemical sprays and waxes can be harmful to veneer and in turn can leave marks on it. Soapy water is also good alternative to lemon oil.

4. Possibilities of veneer’s surface getting separated are high if not chosen carefully. All you can do is apply extra glue under veneer and let it dry before putting it in use. Yet, before purchasing veneer check with shopkeeper about the kind of veneer and substrate used. Also check if it comes with replacement guarantee.

5. Best way to protect wood veneer from damage and scratches is to use tablecloths, and other coverings like coasters. Veneer is not right product to apply any decorative products and photo frames. It is a great idea to place a table mat on the home furniture to guard the wood veneer from damage. Take proper care of veneer for it to last long!