Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Feng Shui for 2011

Start off the year with some Feng Shui for good luck and prosperity.

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Feng Shui Basics: 3 Easy Ways to Feng Shui Your Home or Apartment in 2011

Are you looking to make 2011 your most successful year ever? There's no reason it can't be -- and Feng Shui can help you get there. As you know from reading our Feng Shui tips every day, Feng Shui doesn't have to be hard. There are simple, basic steps you can take to help the chi flow through your space more effectively.

Here are three easy ways to Feng Shui your home or apartment in 2011.

1. Use your stove for cooking - Even if you only boil water, make sure to use your stove regularly. Your stove represents your career and how others see you. Raise the chi in this area by making sure your stove is clean and using all four burners regularly. If you eat out a lot, you can also save money in 2011 (improving your wealth) by using your stove to make home-cooked meals instead.

2. Feng Shui your entry way - A good Feng Shui entry way is brightly lit and welcoming. Follow the tips in this video to Feng Shui your entry way in 2011.

3. Place your bed in the command position - You'll get a better night's sleep and experience greater health, wealth and happiness by making sure your bed is in the command position of your bedroom. Follow these tips for the right Feng Shui bed position.