Monday, January 17, 2011

Selecting Marble Mosaic Tiles

Here are some basics you need to know before going marble mosaic-shopping.

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Selecting Marble Mosaic Tiles - Five Tips To Guide All Shoppers
By Fatih Ozaydin

Home repair is an important exercise to carry out occasionally. Some people opt to renovate one section at a time to cutback the cost. If you are looking to repair your floors and walls, tiles are a good replacement material. There are many tiles around, including marble mosaic. These look like the ordinary tiles only that they have patterned surfaces. These types of strips are good for interior and exterior decorations. If you have made up your mind to buy these patterned materials, the following selection tips can help you.

Purpose of your tiles - Although most tiles can enhance any room you have in your house, you have to be careful. A room such as a kitchen has more foot traffic and requires a strong marble tile. As most of you know, marbles are very beautiful stones, but the catch stains as well as scratches easily. If you want to design different areas, then investigate properly to know what tile type to use per section. If you want the best, try the carrara mosaic styles that originate from Italian quarries.

Varieties of finishes available - Marbles mosaic tiles have more than one finish. For instance, you can find tumbled styles made for either indoor or outdoor areas. They seem to have an antique appearance. Honed styles have matted appearances, but they have an amazing beauty. Polished are shiny, soft, clean and elegant. They portray a modern sophisticated house design..

Choose an appropriate pattern - The best thing with mosaic strips is their versatility. They come in many different patterns featuring basket, hexagon, dogbone, herringbone, diamond and so many others. You should give yourself an opportunity to choose beautiful packs of tiles. Any of them can easily enhance your walls, furniture, curtains and upholstery.

Types of marbles - Marble is a type of limestone stone mined in many regions around the world. For instance, you can find dark emperador mosaic from southern Spain. It is a lovely dark tone stone with natural hardness and dense. It has many applications too. Another type of marble is carrara mosaic, an Italian stone with very many users around the world now. You can buy Australian Bianco mosaic as well. There are still other styles of marble available. Try searching the Internet to find them.

Price Range - Usually, many vendors set their price ranges depending on the quality of a marble mosaic. Others have different rates for different types of marbles, such as carrara mosaic, dark emperador mosaics, and so on.