Monday, February 7, 2011

Lucky Bamboo For Feng Shui

Try growing for more luck this Year Of The Rabbit!

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Lucky bamboo plants for decoration and luck – The Feng Shui Effect

Lucky bamboo plants are the best small decoration plants that you can have for your table, small windows and even some hanging style decorations. The plus side is that they need little care also need very little water.

The word lucky bamboo has been associated with them for long but the fact is that these are not originally from the bamboo family in a true botanical sense. The botanical name is Dracedena sanderiana and it is part of the lily family of plants. They look like miniature bamboo stems and hence the name lucky bamboo.

In the Chinese culture these are known as very lucky plants and that is primarily because of the practice of Feng Shui. According to the Feng Shui you need to have positive energy and balance in a room and these lucky bamboo plants are supposed to provide this positive energy. This is known as the lively qi in the Chinese culture.

The plus side why everyone loves lucky bamboo is the ease as far as the maintenance is concerned. You just need some sunlight and a small amount of water for the plants. In fact if you want the plant to have a curve then you can have a single source of sunlight in the room and the plant will start bending towards to it. After a few days you can change the source of light to make sure that the plant bends towards it and that way you will have a proper curve to the plant.

As for the water make sure that you fill in the same amount of water every time because the roots start growing from the water level and below. If any of the stalks start to show any sort of yellowish color then immediately remove those stalks so that it does not impact any other plant.

The auspicious number of stalks accordingly to Feng Shui is 8. So if you are wondering to get bunch of stalks and not a single stalk the go for the set of eight stalks. Again make sure that you have the correct vase size for holding the plant easily. In fact each number of stalks has a different meaning for example one stalk means simple and great luck. Tow stalks signify a happy relationship and a happy love life.