Thursday, February 10, 2011

5 Simple Home Feng Shui Tips For Wealth

More Feng Shui tips for the new year!

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Interior decorating: 5 simple home feng shui tips for wealth


1. Water forces. Moving water is one way in which to bring prosperity and good luck to one’s home. It is believed that the sound and motion of gurgling water activates chi. It also adds humidity to a room and helps to balance. Moving water should enhance anything that has felt stagnant for some time. Water fountains should be picked according to the size of your home and to a style that fits your d├ęcor. It should also incorporate materials, shapes, and colors of the element energy that you would like in that space. If you place a water fountain by your front door, it should flow towards your door and not away from it, as you want the prosperity to come to you, not away from you. Aquariums can also be used for water flow. These should also be placed by the door. It is best if you combine eight orange fish and one black fish, or eight black and one gold. The one opposite colored fish is known to take away all of the negative energy. You can also add nine coins to the tank. Make sure to keep the tank very clean. If one of the fish die, it should be replaced immediately with a larger and more expensive fish.

2. Wealth Vases. These vases come in blue and white and have symbols around the side as well as on the lid. Keeping a wealth vase is a well known Chinese tradition, where the vase is passed down from generation to generation. It should be hidden away in a cupboard, and once it is closed it should never be opened. The only time it can be taken out is on the first day of the Chinese New Year. On this day it should be dusted, and opened in order for good wealth to enter.

3. Trees. Wealth can also be represented by the colors red and green. By placing trees or plants in your home, it will help the energy to flow. Always keep the tree dusted, as the pores in the tree should remain open, which allows the chi to flow. You may also want to put red flowers in your office or living room in order to help the chi for wealth.

4. Objects in the chi corner can also help improve wealth. One of these is wind chimes or fish mobiles. Another is bowls on the table with fresh produce. It should look as though there is a lot of produce. You may also wish to place a mirror facing the dining room table. This makes it look as though there is twice as much.

5. Plumbing. All of the plumbing in your household should be in excellent order. They say that for every drop of water wasted, it is also a waste of money. You should also keep the drains in your home covered. If you don’t, it is like watching your money drain away.

The energy that is used for wealth can increase one’s abundance drastically. Not only must the energy of the home or office be met, but the energy of the person must also remain positive, especially when they are placing the chi objects around their home.