Monday, May 31, 2010

Divide and Conquer

Room dividers these days are such nifty pieces of home decor. They serve to give you privacy, add to the aesthetics of the room and even can double up different functions to fully utilise your living space.

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Room Divider Tips

Room dividers do more than divide rooms into sections. Decorative room dividers lend atmosphere to an otherwise dull room. Choose a theme for your room and find a room divider to fit that theme. Alternatively, use room dividers to section off rooms by adding a new twist.

Divide Large Rooms
When you have a living room-dining room combo, it may be hard to tell where the living area ends and the dining area begins. Use a decorative room divider to section the space. It may be possible to find a divider with a different design on each side to make the one divider blend in with both areas.

Section off a large living room with room dividers. Make a section for the kids' playroom while leaving the rest of the room for activities such as watching television. Or create a den with some of the living room space by choosing a couple of room dividers and joining them together.

Use room dividers for decoration. Place them in strategic positions or up against the walls of the room. Decorative dividers can have scenes of landscapes or animals, or they can feature a solid color. Some room dividers simulate bookshelves. Place these up against the wall for a pretend library. Other room dividers have shelving built into them, providing extra storage whether they're placed out in the room or up against the wall.

Temporary Rooms
When company comes and it's time to get out folding beds, section off an area of the living room or another large room to create a spare bedroom for your guests. You can even section off a large bedroom to create two rooms if you have several guests who need privacy.

Make a removable play area for the kids when their friends come over. Corral all of the kids in one area, leaving you the rest of the house for your activities. You may get more accomplished, and the kids will enjoy the privacy while they play.

Create an additional closet using room dividers. Join two sections together at right angles in the corner of a room, and you now have an attractive broom closet, coat closet or junk closet. If you decide to make the closet permanent, you can always build a conventional one and put the room dividers to another good use.