Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mad About Grass

Carpet grass is a very low maintenance alternative to add greenery to your living space. You can also use it to cover unsightly spots. Talk about sweeping it under the (grass) rug :)

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How To Lay Grass Carpet

Grass carpet, also known as indoor/outdoor carpeting, is a simple way to improve the aesthetics of an outdoor patio or plain porch. It is not too difficult to install and offers numerous other benefits for your home. Use it to cover damaged concrete, protect the bottom of patio furniture, create a place to practice your golf swing or an area to rub dirt off shoes before entering the house.

Difficulty: Moderate

Things You'll Need:
Grass carpet
Liquid carpet adhesive
Paint roller
Paint pan
Utility knife
Measuring tape


1.Sweep away any dirt and debris from the area where you will be laying the carpet.

2. Measure the area that you want to carpet.

3. Use the utility knife to cut a piece of grass carpet according to your measurements and roll it up with the back of the grass carpet on the outside.

4. Pour some of the adhesive into the paint pan and roll the paint roller in it until covered.

5. Roll a line of adhesive, as straight as possible, onto the surface that will be carpeted. Make sure that the adhesive goes all the way to the edge.

6. Line up the edge of the grass carpet with the edge of the adhesive-coated surface, and carefully lay the carpet down over the glue a bit at a time until it is aligned and even. Do not completely unroll the carpet. Either smooth the adhered area with your hands or, for a larger area, step around on it until it is secure.

7. Gather more adhesive on the roller. Starting against the roll of carpet, as close as possible to the section that is already laid, apply another section of glue. Roll the carpet over the adhesive and smooth it out just as you did the first.

8. Continue spreading adhesive and laying carpet until you reach the edge of the area. Glue the grass carpet firmly along this edge. Allow the adhesive to dry overnight.