Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In Search of the Dressing Table

You might think them a luxury, but a good dressing table can help reduce bedroom clutter. Put some thought into it so that dressing up in the morning will be even more enjoyable!

10 Top Tips - For Dressing Tables

1. There is such a wide and varied choice of colour schemes that its really important to decide on your colour theme before you start looking at all the different types of table decorations. Remember to take into the account the season and the setting. Colours such us yellow and green are great for Spring, whereas silver and white look great in the winter.

2. Once you have decided on your main colour, remember that that some fabrics and products may appear in slightly different tones due to the way they hold the colour. Also depending on the way they reflect light. For instance, lilac feathers may appear lighter in colour than lilac favour bags. Although these may be different tones this can also look very effective.

3. A good tip is to request samples of a selection of your favourite favours. You could also request samples of decorations as well so you can try out how they will look before you commit your precious budget to buying them.

4. Try to gain a visual picture of the whole table in your mind when thinking about different ideas. This is also a great tip for when you decide on your colour theme.

5. When calculating the amount of favours and decorations always add a few extra to allow for last minute guests or mistakes.

6. If you decide on not decorating the tables yourself then ensure you write a detailed list for the person who is. A good idea is to take photographs of your mock table and give this to the person who is decorating them.

7. Along with the detailed list why not put everything in separate boxes to ensure the right amount of decorations are on each table. This is also useful if you have different size tables with a different amount of people on each.

8. Setting up a mock table is a great idea. It is amazing how different the decorations and favours can look once they are all in one place. Doing a dress rehearsal will allow you time to ensure you are happy and make any alterations to anything you feel isn’t quite right.

9. Remember to use lots of colour in the middle of the tables as this will be the focal point. As you move outwards towards the edge of the table use fewer decorations to provide more subtle accents.

10. With so many different decorations and products it can be very easy to overload your table which will end up making it look cluttered. To ensure your table is stylish and elegant make sure you are selective and stick to a few key items. If for example you have selected metallic confetti and silver favours boxes then feathers wouldn’t really add to your style and would probably detract from it instead.