Thursday, June 3, 2010

We're Gonna Rock This Country

You may prefer the more fashion-forward and artistic home decor styles, but admit it, you have a little bit of country in you as well, doncha sweetheart?

5 Affordable Country Style Decorating Ideas

Inexpensive country decorating ideas that anyone can implement themselves. There's a reason why so many people enjoy sneaking away for a weekend at a country inn- it's because the welcoming and cozy atmosphere of a country style retreat is comforting, relaxing and entirely pleasurable. Likewise, country style decorating in one's own home can create a warm ambiance that is attractive for both guests and those who live in the home. Perhaps most importantly, do-it-yourself home decorators can implement easy country decorating ideas that will have the desired effect without costing a fortune. The 5 affordable country decorating ideas below can enable both homeowners and renters to create a space that they will enjoy for years to come.

1- Choose the right country-style cabinet hardware. Homeowners looking to turn their existing space into a country paradise can easily introduce a rustic feel by changing their cabinet hardware. The warm hues of copper cabinet hardware make it an obvious (and effortless) choice for those who want to instantly change the look of their space. Many bronze hardware options are also suitable for country decorating. Ideas for the actual style of the hardware can range from dramatic cup pulls to romantic floral cabinet hardware, depending on the homeowner's preference. Fortunately, many cabinet hardware manufacturers such as Amerock Hardware, Belwith Hardware and others offer a wide selection of suitable options starting as low as $2 a piece.

2- Decorate with candles. Few things say 'country style decorating' like strategically placed scented or colored candles. To create a completely idyllic environment, place the candles in sleek glass holders and complement them with matching potpourri vessels or wrap the candle with a bow in a contrasting color.

3- Invest in a baker's rack. In addition to creating an inviting space, many homeowners (and renters) can also benefit from creating a more efficient space- and baker's racks can be the perfect solution to this problem. Baker's racks offer a way to display things that deserve and to prominently store things that would otherwise be stashed away and forgotten about. Baker's racks are inexpensive and can be placed in kitchens, hallways and dining rooms, making them one of the most versatile country decorating ideas.

4- Purchase rustic linens. The welcoming nature of a country-style room is enhanced by the addition of country-inspired linens. Whether you enjoy the look and feel of a dramatic country-style quilt or even small bucolic dishtowels, your room will become instantly warmer with the addition of rustic linens. As an alternative to an expensive quilt, consider a smaller quilted wall hanging which can dramatize the room without adding drama to your budget.

5- Install wrought iron lighting. Wrought iron lighting serves a double purpose- it makes a room seem larger and more hospitable and it can also add a necessary style addition to any country home. From affordable wrought iron lamps to grand wrought iron chandeliers, consumers can find country-style lighting that will make an elegant statement in any space.

Considering the vast and varied options that are available today, consumers can find innumerable country style decorating accessories that will make an immediate and remarkable impression on any space. Do-it-yourself designers need only an open mind and a bit of creativity to create the rustic space of their dreams.

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