Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Minimalist or Bare?

Is it possible to carry a minimalist look too far? What's the difference between a minimalist look and a simply bare room?

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How to Recognize Minimalist Style

Minimalism is exactly what it sounds like - minimal items or patterns showing in the decor. Here's how to identify minimalist style.

1. Inventory the room visually. Furnishings will be spare and spaced widely apart in the minimalist room.

2. Study the furniture. Its lines will usually be simple, perhaps Parsons-table styling or classic pieces such as Asian, Chippendale or American primitive antique pieces.

3. Check out the accessories. A minimalist room will have very few tabletop accessories, and they will usually be of simple styling themselves. Often you will see a platter with one to three pieces of fruit on it as a centerpiece, or there may be no adornment at all on the furniture.

4. Ask yourself if there is clutter in a particular room. The minimalist room will be free from collections of figurines, groupings of pictures, stacks of toss pillows, elaborate floral arrangements, busy wreaths or ornately painted furniture.

5. Look for an absence of layers. Many other styles layer tablecloths, bedding and other items; minimalist does not.

6. Examine the windows. Simple shades, venetian blinds, tab-top curtains or grommet-topped curtains are prime examples of best-dressed minimalist windows - or the windows can even be left bare.