Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Saving space and playful bunk beds

You will never get bored with these functional bunk beds.

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Saving space and playful bunk beds

Bunk beds are a very practical and functional element that most kids are familiar with. Kids need a lot of space to play and have fun. This means that their room shouldn’t be filled with massive furniture and all sorts of storage units. It should be as simple as possible in order to give them the space they need. It’s why bunk beds are so appreciated. They free up a lot of floor space while also being very functional.

The S012 bunk bed is an especially interesting piece of furniture. It shares the same basic concepts and elements as most bunk beds but it adds a bold touch to the design. S012 is a wooden bunk bed and some of the wood’s natural color is still visible in the frame. The rest, however, features a dynamic and bold green finish. It’s a lovely color, very fresh and very vibrant. It’s not overly tiresome for the eye and it’s a wonderful shade usually associated with kids. There are different shades of green that have been combined and they look lovely together.

S012 is part of the Boxer Collection and it was designed for Dearkids. The collection also includes other similar furniture pieces for kids and not only. This particular bunk bed is a very functional piece of furniture. It’s very comfortable and friendly-looking but it’s also practical. It features a very functional storage space underneath the floor bed and a series of shelves for each bed. This way each kid will have its own space where he can place a favorite photo, a favorite toy, etc. It’s a nice way of personalizing a shared space.