Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nursery Looks Hang on Mobiles

Nowadays babies are so fortunate to have all these wonderful hang on mobiles to keep them company...

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Nursery Looks Hang on Mobiles

Nurseries just don't seem complete without a mobile. These picks will give baby an eyeful and satisfy your need for style

If you’re trying to put the final touch on your child’s nursery, today's beautifully designed mobiles in a variety of styles can please both you and your baby.

Artisans today are creating beautiful, handmade mobiles that go beyond the typical colorful animal theme. This mobile uses animal shapes in natural tones. Branches and woven orbs enhance the texture and visual interest.

Ancient Industries’ Sheep Mobile is another contemporary approach to the animal mobile.

This mobile uses a branch as a base for the colorful paper cranes hanging gracefully on nearly invisible strings. In a true complement to the crib, the color of the branch pulls out the pink in the bedding.

Who can suppress a laugh when seeing a bassinet accessorized with a hat and mustaches?

Mr. Moustache Special Edition Mobile in Gold - $36.00

Consider how your mobile will fit into the bigger picture of your nursery’s decor. This delicate, flowing mobile fits seamlessly with the flying-bird decals in the background, and its orange color ties in with the room’s color scheme.

This butterfly mobile is a soft accent in this nursery. It looks almost like falling snowflakes.

Pink Paper Butterfly Mobile - $38.00 »
Want a similar look for your nursery? Try this butterfly mobile from Pottery Barn Kids.

If you have a fidgety baby, the distraction may be more useful over the changing table. This mobile offers a modern punch.

The right mobile makes a nursery feel complete — and the baby will love it too. This unique mobile adds the perfect eclectic touch to this pattern-filled space.

Flensted Mobiles Viking Five Ship Mobile - $59.99 »
Flensted makes all sorts of fun, unexpected mobiles, like this Viking ship model.

Flensted Mobiles Panda Mobile - $28.50 »
Here’s another simple Flensted mobile with panda bears.

Baby Jives Fabric Bird Mobile - $162.00 »
Birds are commonly used in mobiles, but this Baby Jives design stands out.

Artecnica Themis Mobile - $27.00 »
If you have a contemporary aesthetic, the Artecnica Themis mobile by Emmo Home will finish the look.