Monday, June 25, 2012

Hot Summer Color Combo: Lemon and Raspberry Sorbet

Ever thinking of having this combination in your house? Read on and you will soon fall in love with bright colors!

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Hot Summer Color Combo: Lemon and Raspberry Sorbet

Dripping with good taste and a lively attitude, rooms swathed in sorbet yellow and raspberry are delicious looking in summer

I've gone through quite a few pints of sorbet over the past few weeks, alternating lemon and raspberry. OK, I'm lying. They weren't pints; they were plastic tubs, and when I saw the two stacked one on top of the other it made me head straight over to Houzz to see if the yummy composition in my freezer could be turned into a room. Turns out it could, and each room I found was markedly different from the rest, not only in style but in the way the designers had made the color combination work. See if a sorbet-inspired color palette is for you.

Use the combo in a surprising space. It's not often you see candy-colored furniture in an industrial space, which makes interior designer Tineke Triggs' office all the more fun. She pulled the furniture colors straight from the suzani pattern on the chairs.

Pull your paint from artwork. It seems this designer has pulled a Bubbalicious-pink right from the painting and applied it to the door.

Experiment with different shades. A deep and darker shade of raspberry is more subdued yet still has power.

Add neutrals to the mix. If high contrast isn't for you, tone down one of the two colors and add more neutrals. Matched with a more subtle, buttery yellow, raspberry is rich and elegant.

Go crazy with color. Forget trends, forget resale and go as crazy with these colors as your heart desires. I imagine this homeowner whipping up lots of fun confections in this bright kitchen.

Honor a historic style but go wild with color. This San Francisco living room is downright delicious; the designer has honored the art deco touches but updated the overall look with bright color and fun prints, like the ones on the Donut pillow fabric and the zebra rug.

Use lots of white space. If you are using amped-up hues, a sure way to make them work is to know the importance of white space. This cheerful bedroom is about 75 percent white but makes a very colorful impression.

Go all out. If you truly love a color combination, applying it generously can either be a great success or a spectacular disaster.

To increase your chances of achieving a great success, mix in a few neutrals with your favorite pair, as you see here with the tan floors, light wood table and natural stone wall. In addition, other bright pops of color, like the ceramic tiles and vent hood, draw the eye and keep the bold yellows and pinks from overwhelming the room.