Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Decorating with Mirrors

In a decorator’s arsenal of tools, decorating with mirrors is one of the most powerful. Using mirrors in the home can make it look bigger and expansive. Read on for some of the tricks to decorating with mirrors.

Go big with mirrors
To maximize its impact, use large-scale mirrors in a room. Try using wall-to-wall mirrors and see how much depth is created in a space. Think in terms of proportions as well. If the wall is wide, a small mirror will look sparse and out of place. Instead, group together mirrors in different sizes to use the area better.

Use mirrors as artwork
Mirrors may be used as a substitute for artwork. Use them as a focal point of the room by having one standout piece, such as a mirror in a starburst design. In the alternative, hang several mirrors the way that you would pictures or paintings.

Keep in mind that mirrors are reflective surfaces
Mirrors have to reflect something that you want to see more of. For instance, place a mirror across a beautiful piece of artwork or a chandelier. If the mirror reflects random things, the room will tend to look cluttered.

Play with textures
The surface of the mirror does not always have to look clear. I love the look of vintage, so distressed or antiqued mirrors add charm to our living spaces. Another option is to have etched mirrors. Having mirrors with character can be another method of creating visual interest in a room.

No need to hang
Mirrors don’t always have to be nailed on a wall. An interesting way to decorate with mirrors is to place a framed mirror on the floor, leaned against a wall. My mother-in-law leans a large, vertical mirror at the end of their hallway. It adds an air of effortless charm to a room's decor!

Learn to edit
Just because mirrors are a good idea, it does not mean that you should use it everywhere. Know when to recognize that mirrors are unnecessary. For instance, you don’t need mirrors in the kitchen. Our neighbour has mirrors as backsplash accents. It takes so much effort to keep them looking good. All the activity in the kitchen will require constant maintenance for the mirrors, which would make them more trouble than they’re worth.

Mirrors can be used in furniture
Mirrors can be interesting accents when they are found in furniture. They have the tendency to make items look invisible, since they reflect what is in front of them. Select bulky furniture, such as a wardrobe, with a mirrored surface to make it seamlessly blend into a room. Mirrors on top of tables or trays are also quite glamorous.

Use mirrors to create a window
Not all rooms have the benefit of the view of the outside. After getting married, my husband and I moved into a tiny shoebox flat. To spruce up the space, we added mirrors as architectural details. Frame a mirror with window shutters to create your own unique views.

Use mirrors outdoors
Decorating with mirrors does not mean being confined indoors. Mirrors can also be used as landscaping elements to make the garden or patio more interesting. For instance, a mirror on the ground framed by rocks and plants can mimic the look of a small pool of water. Additionally, placing a mirror at your garden can also make it look twice as large.

Think of the frames
Decorating with mirrors is not just about the mirror itself. Do not take the impact of the frame for granted. They too, can be utilized for maximum impact. For example, gold-framed mirrors can make a room quite elegant. Faux tortoiseshell frames add earthiness to a room.