Tuesday, April 30, 2013

10 Bathroom Decorating Tips

Here’s an honest question: how much time do you spend in the bathroom? Your answer makes the idea of updating the bathroom décor more sensible! Create an oasis for your home with these decorating tips.

Personalize the space with details The line between house and home is often defined by how much of the owner’s personality is showcased in the space. The bathroom is no different. Create a unique ambiance by including thoughtful details in the décor of the room. For instance, change plain metal doorknobs with printed ceramic ones. I find that one of the easiest and effective ways of injecting some individuality in the bathroom is to get rid of commercial packaging for shampoos and lotions. Place them instead in prettier containers.

Place special items in the bathroom
One of the fastest ways to amplify the aesthetic value of a bathroom is to use unexpected design elements. An antique rug, a cushioned chair and pieces of artwork – these are items normally reserved for other parts of the house. However, there are no rules that say that they can’t be brought in the bathroom as well. Our bathroom wall is lined with pictures of the kids. Placing decorations such as these instantly make the bathroom feel part of the home.

Be creative with colour
The colour is a room’s personality. Do not always think in terms of size when it comes to choosing which hues to use. Generally, bright colours look great in small spaces because it makes a room feel more expansive. However, dark colours can work just as well. They make the bathroom feel more dramatic. Colour does not always have to come from paint though. Spruce up a bathroom by bringing in colourful fixtures and accessories.

Look beyond tiles
Bathrooms do not always have to use tiles on the walls and the floors. Explore other options such as wood or stone. The walls outside of the shower stall may also be covered in wallpaper in interesting prints and textures. The most important consideration when it comes to floor and wall coverings for the bathroom is the humidity. Make sure that they are constructed to be moisture-resistant so they don’t peel or warp.

Place plants in the bathroom
There are some plants that are just made to thrive in the bathroom. Pick a plant depending on the characteristics of the space. If the bathroom does not get enough light, explore the use of aloe vera, orchids, ferns. If gets enough light, tropical flowering plants might work. In any case, plants brighten the space and help freshen up the air.

Have enough storage
Bathrooms need a lot of storage to contain the various items that are needed to be accessible. Rolls of tissue, make-up, toothbrushes and medicines – the list goes on. Storage does not have to be limited to built-in cabinets and shelves. The use of other storage items such as a metal locker or a wardrobe can be just as functional and more visually interesting.

Invest in good fixtures
You will only be able to enjoy a bathroom if it works properly. This means, bathroom fixtures have to be dressed up and working at their best. Pick timeless pieces such as those made out of brushed chrome or bronze. For a more cohesive look, invest in a set so that the towel bars, sink and shower fixtures match.

Choose appropriate lighting
Lighting for the bathroom is not just as simple as installing a couple of fluorescent bulbs overhead. Accent lights can help open up the space. A good tip is to use the mirror as a start-off point. Recessed lights near the mirror can create a brighter atmosphere. Another option is to use sconces on either side of the mirror and installed at face-height. These lights also help illuminate the face when grooming or putting on make-up.

Do not neglect the shower curtain
Fortunately, there are plenty of attractive shower curtains available in the market. Take advantage of this! Rotate shower curtains of different designs to refresh the look of the bathroom. Start off a collection with having a curtain in plain white, then expand to colourful prints. No matter what design, stay away from cheap, plastic curtains as they can make the room feel inexpensive. Instead, go for softer materials to create a more luxurious atmosphere.

Watch out for extra space
Like most households, our main bathroom problem is that there is not enough space to hold everything. To remedy this, we had to learn where to look. To make a bathroom feel larger, find ways to make use of every inch of the bathroom. The back of the door is often an underutilized space. Hang rows of towel bars to maximize the empty vertical space. You may also place hooks to hold up laundry bags. It is an ideal way to increase storage without the need of additional furniture. The space underneath the sink can also be useful. Place decorative baskets, such as those made out of wicker, to hold cleaning supplies or dirty laundry.