Monday, December 24, 2012

A Green Earth starts at Home!

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John Paul Oei Jun Jie, Zhonghua Secondary School, 1st Prize winning entry in The Home Look Green Home Campaign - Blog Competition


Global warming

After burning fuels for energy, carbon dioxide is produced. Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas which traps the heat from the sun in the atmosphere.
As a result from man’s actions, more carbon dioxide has been produced, resulting in what we know as global warming.

Over the years, the temperature in Singapore and the world has been increasing. This rise in temperature also affects the amount of rainwater falling over Singapore. Though we can’t see the changes, we can see the effects of global warming over the years. We have to act now in order to save our home.


Some species of animals would be unable to adapt to the increasingly warm climate and would soon die of extinction. This could also affect our food production as there will be less meat for consumption.

Global warming also affects food production. Due to global warming, there are changes in the pattern of precipitation, which may cause droughts in one part of the world and sudden freak flooding in another, where crops might be grown. This shortage of food may result in famine in some countries and in Singapore, rise in food prices as we are dependent on imports.

Due to global warming, the sea level is rising as the ice caps melt. As Singapore is a low-lying land, sooner or later in a few years’ time, we would be up to our knees in our water. It would be flooding. And I don’t think anybody would want a repeat of what happened to Orchard Road in 2011.

Also, there will be changes in weather and in a worst case scenario; there would be possibilities of sudden heat waves or tsunamis affecting our neighbouring countrieswith consequences on Singapore.



1.Reduce the amount of electricity used. This should be common practice as of now we take electricity for granted. In years to come, we would run out of our main sources of fuel and would have to search for other sources to produce electricity. Though many of you know that it is important to save energy, few people actually practice this.

- Turn off the lights, fans, air-cons and other electrical appliances when you are not in the vicinity or not using them and only use them when necessary.
- Check energy label for 4 ticks.
- Use compact fluorescent light bulbs.
- Take public transport or even walk instead of using a car.
- Try to use computer more efficiently by planning and organising work to reduce wastage of electricity. Find
   other ways of entertainment instead of using the computer, such as playing outdoors.
- Open windows or use a fan instead of turning on the air-con, or set it at 24 degrees Celsius.
- Set the timer for the air-con before you sleep. Use the air-con when there are at least two people in a room.

2.Save water. Another thing anybody knows about but few people care about. The water level is rising, that means more water, so why do we need to conserve water? Well, the water from the sea isn’t fresh water and therefore undrinkable. Water could be taken to the desalination plants but there is a possibility that these could also be flooded or some equipment may malfunction.

- Turn off the tap when brushing the teeth and when not in us or when you are soaping while.
- Use a bucket of water instead of the hose when washing the car.
- Use the water from washing food to water the plants or collect the water you used after bathing or from the washing machine to flush the toilet.
- Use dual flush toilets.
- Install thimbles in to tap heads.

3.Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We already do not have enough resources in Singapore, but the way we use them is as if that we have an infinite supply. We must learn to treasure our resources and reduce the wastage.

- Consolidate waste into separate piles and place them into their respective recycling bins for easier
   collection of resources.
- Paper would be recycled to make recycled paper.
- Try not to print too often but rather make electronic copies of work on computer.
- Use proper mugs instead of plastic cups, and the same goes for water bottles.

4.Another thing related to our natural resources which may seem off topic is food. Singapore is a small country with limited land so we rely on other countries for food. However, as a result of global warming, food production would be affected. With lesser food, countries would take care of their own people before exporting food. Food prices will soar and life will become hard.
We must also not waste food or eat too much. Food is as important as water and energy. In other countries, food is hard to come by, and the people would eat everything if they even have a chance.

- Buy locally produced food, as this saves fuel used in transportation of food from other countries.
- Finish all of our food when eating. By wasting food, you are basically wasting money.
- Try to reduce the food you buy. Make sure that there is no excess food which would have to be thrown away as it cannot be finished.



By doing all these, you’re not only saving the earth, our home, but you are also saving your own money. Do your part to save the earth.
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Other suggestions:
Instead of printing out worksheets, we should encourage E-learning more as paper would not have to be used to make worksheets.