Monday, July 2, 2012

The Trendiest Chair – A Glimpse of Milan Design Week

The Salon Armchair will make your room look stunning with those studded nails.

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The Trendiest Chair – A Glimpse of Milan Design Week

If you didn’t have a chance to make it to Milan Design Week this year, here is a view of one of the trendiest seating ideas that was featured. Heart and Home magazine gives us a glimpse of the fabulous seating that is new this year. Whether you enjoy looking at the latest design trends in interior design or you want to keep your finger on the pulse of international furniture design, here is one of their favorites from Milan Design Week 2012.

Designer Lee Broom recreated a modern version of a pub chair – called the Salon Armchair. The chair is complete with studded nail detailing and made with sumptuous fabrics that are sure to make anyone want to relax in this chair for hours.

‘The collection will consist of six furniture pieces inspired by the curvaceous lines of 1930s upholstery, contrasted with modern stud detailing in either gold or gunmetal. The finished result is a polished, contemporary furniture range that echoes the iconic designs of luxury fashion accessories and punk rock couture.’… Lee Broom

The collection is available in a variety of finishes. The options include beige wool with gold and beige studs, to grey wool with gun metal and grey studs. If you prefer leather, the Salon Armchair also is available in white leather with white studs and black leather with black studs.

This chair looks like the epitome of royal opulence! From the gorgeous lines that are modern yet reminiscent of Egyptian furniture that was reserved for the highest of kings and queens. Lee Broom has done a wonderful job of keeping the lines simple but still regal and sophisticated.

Milan Design Week always brings out the best of the best in design. What a pleasure it is to take a peek inside of one of the furniture showroom designs to see what will be coming out in these upcoming months and will be available for your own home!

All photo credits: Lee Broom