Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Top 10 Tree Houses Design Ideas

What would life be like living in a tree house?

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Top 10 Tree Houses Design Ideas

You would think that tree houses are just for kids; a place where they could play or form a “gentlemen’s club”. In this post we will see a different kind of tree houses and I won’t take more of your time; let’s get straight to them.This first tree house is nothing like you would expect to see. It is a miniature apartment in which you can spend your weekends far away from the crowded city. If we look at it from the outside, this tree house appears very tiny, but as soon as you step in the entire perspective changes.

1.Eco Perch Tree House.

It has a marvelous interior featuring a kitchen, bathroom with a shower cabin, a separate bedroom with suspended beds and a twin bed in the main chamber. Beautifully decorated this can be inhabited any time you want. It is actually very nice and cozy, perfect for a weekend away with your sweetheart.

2.Tree house in Camp Wandawega.

This next tree house is located in Camp Wandawega, Elkhorn, Wisconsin and is a true adult-size location. This design is more easily recognizable because it looks like the tree houses from our childhood. Although this place is made in a very chic spirit I don’t necessarily like it. I don’t like the interior very much, I would want more privacy and probably a different object placement; but hey is not my design and given the circumstances they actually did a pretty good thing in that tree. The most interesting thing though, is the chandelier made from sheds found locally.

3.Japan tree house cafe shop.

This is literally a tree house. It is located in Japan and above a Banyan tree a small place functions as a restaurant. This huge tree supports the entire construction that was so ingenious placed between the large branches. The access is made through a spiral staircase in the back and an elevator inside the trunk. So next time you think of a tree house, take this one as a place to start.

4.Rustic tree house office.

The luxury segment has also a representative location for us today. It was built by Blue Forest around a tree and currently functions as an office. Taking a look in the interior you will why this is a luxury environment; from the marvelous floor, walls and ceiling this place is wonderful in every aspect. Very intimate, it has heating, lighting, phone lines and high speed internet connectivity, perfect if you want to set new standard in office environments. The coffee break has whole new meaning on those marvelous terraces in the middle of nowhere.

5.Normal tree house.

A tree house that looks like a normal on the ground house is something you rarely see. TreeHouse Workshop builds them and they are looking more than great, not to mention that offers great versatility and marvelous interior spaces with all the appliances you may need, a fireplace, desks, cabinets , kitchen countertops and so on. But having all that in a place like that doesn’t bring the tree house joy. I mean a tree house is built to escape from the usual, common. I think this particular tree house doesn’t really offers you that particular thrill. {found on seattletimes}.


A tree house is a common term from our everyday life, but a tree hotel, not that much. In Sweden there is one and has only four rooms: the cabin, the blue cone, the nest and the mirrorcube. This last piece will reflect everything, the trees, the birds, the clouds, sun, everything so is very hard to spot it in the forest. There is a special film applied on the glass so the birds can see it and not crash into the “room”. The entire idea focuses on perfect integration into the environment.{found on designboom}.

7.Yellow treehouse cafe.

This unique construction is the Yellow treehouse cafĂ© and is located far in the New Zealand’s woods. It has nothing to support it except the redwood tree, is 10 meters wide and is made entirely from sustainably materials like laminated pin fins and timbre trusses. The shell-like design sits beautifully around the tree and has a great deck from where people can enjoy nature and a drink.{found on inhabitat}.

8.Another tree house.

The tree house offers a very comfortable answer for the nature enthusiast everywhere. The reason most people like is the simple fact that provides an escape in the wild and is not like camping, neither like staying in a hotel; is the perfect place to enjoy nature half way between the ground and the sky. You just can’t live any closer to nature that that.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

9.Dream Hatcher.

Another type of tree house caught my attention. This thing looks like an egg on a stick. It combines indoor and outdoor living facilities. Inside there isn’t much space but is more than necessarily for resting after long mountain hikes. It offers the best view over the surroundings through generous windows and in the morning you can brag about yourself that you just hatched.{found on dwell}.


Well, that’s new! At least something I have never seen and I believe that neither a lot of you folks. This will definitely catch your attention it happens to wonder along in night time by the Lake Muskoka, Ontario Canada. From a certain perspective this tree house looks very similar to a Japanese hanging lantern. The inside offers a great view over the surroundings and towards the thick leaf blanket above the house. Nice design, I like it!{found on inhabitat}.

This is about it. I have selected a wide range of house designs to show that are many possibilities of building a tree house. You have seen luxury, minimalism, mirrors, but it doesn’t really matters how the tree house is made as long as it offers the tree house feeling; that special chill down your spine that means freedom.