Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Small Apartment with Foldaway Features

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Small Apartment with Foldaway Features

This interior scene in soft beech wood and bright white decor, by Oleg Trofimov, achieves a spacious air despite its modest proportions. The key piece in this space saving scheme has got to be the wall of concealed storage in the lounge area, consisting of flat fronted cabinets which make up an unimposing entertainment unit. The run of cupboards go one step further than to simply stow away all of the household clutter, they actually house an entire dining room set consisting of a pull down table large enough to seat four diners in fold-up chairs, which are suspended from hanging brackets in an adjacent compartment.

Another clever little piece is a drop-away desk in the bedroom, which falls flush into a shallow wall recess when not in use, but can be easily flipped up to seat a laptop in an instant.