Monday, April 9, 2012

Portago Urban, Hotel Interior Design By ILMIODESIGN

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Portago Urban, Hotel Interior Design By ILMIODESIGN

This stunning hotel, Hotel Portago Urban, was designed by the Spanish studio ILMIODESIGN. It is located in Granada, Spain. ILMIODESIGN gave this urban hotel a mix of English traits and an informal and colorful style despite its location, Granada. Inspired by the figure of a typical English gentleman, the ceiling upon entry is filled with traditional English hats, its luggage room is decorated with stacks of vintage suitcases. Designer Spada says “The bowler is not a simple hat anymore; it becomes an element that, when repeated thousands of times in an unpredictable way and at different heights, creates a moving and wrapping surface.

” The first floor common area includes the reception desk, coffee car and breakfast room; the three upper levels have 25 bedrooms and a rooftop platform panoramic terrace. Each room has white walls that contrast the dramatically colored interfaceFLOR carpets, as well a series of messages such as “relax yourself” on the headboard. All of these elements put together create an inviting vibe for the guests to enjoy their stay.

Breakfast room, which is located in the lower part of an inner covered patio. All the rooms overlook this inner courtyard making this area visible from everywhere. In order to make it seem more welcoming, ILMIODESIGN has created some huge cylindrical lamps made of strong coloured lycra which minimize the height of the area. Walls have natural wood finishes on which appliques are located, which look like an enlighten sun. There are three types of rooms. They are customized through the use of different colours of the carpet, different graphics and friendly phrases carved in the headboards. They invite us to relax and enjoy our stay.