Monday, December 12, 2011

Ultimate Relaxation: Beautiful Corner Whirlpools by Teuco

I believe this is what most of us would like to have in our bathroom!

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Ultimate Relaxation: Beautiful Corner Whirlpools by Teuco

We ran across these mesmerizing corner bathtubs designed by Teuco, which inspire ultimate comfort. Found in Trendir, the first two models we would like to present are particularly interesting, as they feature an interesting tub-shower combination. According to the designers, “one of the major advantages is the possibility of having the convenience of a shower function every day together with the comfort of a bathtub, without having to choose between the two since both functions are perfectly integrated. In addition, the design of the two new models is based on the compact size and offers more versatility, fitting in more easily in smaller bathrooms“. The ergonomic design of the models make them suited for various users, from children to the elderly. Because these models are all meant to adorn the corners of contemporary bathrooms, they take up less space than regular bathtubs or showers, meaning that they are suited for small homes as well. Find them appealing?

Tub-shower Combination, designed by Fabio Lenci