Friday, December 2, 2011

Decorating a Boy's Room With Multiple Colors

Do you want to know how to decorate your boy's bedroom or just give it a better look? Read on to get great ideas! =)

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Decorating a Boy's Room With Multiple Colors

Need ideas on how to decorate your boy's room? This article will give some tips and suggestions on how to decorate your little boy's room with many colors.
Things You'll Need

Picture frames
Spray paint
Throw rug
Window treatments

If your little boy is entering kindergarten and making statements about what he wishes to wear and eat, it's likely that he has outgrown his nursery's original Noah's Ark theme. Chances are, he has some ideas of his own about how he wants to decorate his room, but, unless you do not mind a SpongeBob SquarePants theme, a compromise needs to be made. While a themed room may seem charming, many times it can be very difficult to find pieces that fit a theme exactly. Instead, consider selecting two to three of your son's favorite colors and decorating around them.

Step 1
Determine which colors will be reflected in your son's room. Consider the effects of different colors when making your decision; for example, while a navy blue room may sound cool in theory, the dark color can make the room seem smaller than it already is. Additionally, consider the color's tone. Using the pure form of the color creates a bright appearance while combining the color with a complementary color will tone down the shade.

Step 2
Paint the room's walls in the primary color of your color scheme.

Step 3
Purchase a bedspread that contains the complimentary color(s) of the wall's color. Since the bed is the main furniture of the room, the bedspread will serve as a focal point and should be reflective of the theme. The bedspread does not need to be a solid color. Patterns bring in more coloring you can branch off with. Purchase sheets and pillowcases in tones that complement the bedspread's main color.

Step 4
Paint the dresser, desk or any chairs in the room. Use the wall color's complimentary color to create a bold effect. Use this color to paint a border around the room as well.

Step 5
Hang colorful art reflective of the boy's personality on the room's walls. If possible, bring him along when you make your selections. Look for prints that bring out the wall's color with a few brighter colors to highlight the print. Choose one or two larger prints and a few smaller prints.

Step 6
Purchase decorative picture frames and spray paint them to match the room's color theme.

Step 7
Position a colorful throw rug on the floor.

Step 8
Hang window treatments at the windows that match either the bedspread, the prints or bring in a third color found in the rug.

If the child does not find art he likes, give him a camera and have him takes pictures of things he loves. Blow these pictures up and hang them as prints.

Colors located across from one other on the color wheel are complementary colors; pair them together to create bold and interesting color combinations.