Monday, July 4, 2011

What do colours mean in the bedroom?

What does colour say about your bedroom?

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What do colours mean in the bedroom?

We all associate different colours with certain moods and meanings. So within a bedroom, what does it say about the person if they choose to decorate their space in a certain colour? This is what we discovered…

Red is generally associated with danger, adventure and passion. The best room in the house to have red would be the dining room as it evokes sociable and sprightly feelings all that while stimulating the appetite. Red can be overpowering if used too much but if it is your favourite colour for the bedroom consider having a feature wall or choosing red wardrobes – our Metropolitan range features warm burgundy doors that create a sensual feel.

Orange is a warming colour and is said to offer stability, reassurance and is rumoured to aid digestion! So it’s a great colour for the kitchen, but painting your bedroom in the colour could make the room look smaller. If you do want to inject some zesty orange in the bedroom, use accessories such as this orange Conran bed throw.

Yellow depicts sunshine and energy, and is said to stimulate the intellect, making it a great colour for a study. It you put a few desk accessories in this colour it should help you get down to those books. Add a lamp, chair and notice board to get colour flowing through your home office.

Green is the colour of nature and energy. It’s calming and restful making it ideal for the bedroom due to the soothing effect it has on your mood. The right shade will circulate a fresh space where you can relax and unwind at the end of the day.

Blue has always been seen as a soothing colour but has lots of other beneficial qualities too. It encourages intellectual thought and prevents nightmares – perfect for the bedroom!

Pink can be just as peaceful and restful as blue, but it depends on the shade. If you choose a sweet baby pink, this evokes calmness, whereas a hot fuchsia can introduce passion.

Purple rooms evoke creativity, fertility and joy. It is also associated with magic. Similarly to red, it can become overpowering if used too much. Perhaps to balance this feeling you could have a feature wall such as this Tahiti wallpaper or choose a wardrobe such as our Cosmopolitan in aubergine.

So tell us, which colour would you choose?