Friday, July 8, 2011

Spectacular Mirror Furniture Designs

Mirrors are not just decorating items but play a major role in home decor...

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Spectacular Mirror Furniture Designs

All-Around Sparkle

This mirrored dining table catches the light of the chandelier above, which adds an extra sparkle to the room.

Spread the Sunshine

The mirror panels on this nightstand reflect the colors of the rug, carrying the color scheme throughout the room.

Elegant Appearance

Mirrored furniture dusted with the color gold creates an elegant, regal look in any room.

Rows of Tiny Mirrors

The rows of tiny mirrors reflect the light at different angles to create an abstract look.

Dream Big

Adding mirrored furniture to a small space, like Designer Erinn Valencich did here, creates the illusion of a bigger room.

Seeing Double

The mirrored tables accentuate the accessories and create a perfect backdrop for them.

Vain Vanity

This mirrored vanity adds a touch of glamour and youth to this fun girl's bedroom.

Entertaining Reflections

The tall mirrors on the entertainment center, custom designed by Troy Beasley, open up the living room space.