Monday, March 28, 2011

Spa Inspired Home Decor Ideas

Are you one of those spa fanatics who wants to be at the spa 24/7 if you could? Well, you can!

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Spa Inspired Home Decor Ideas

Have you been inside a luxurious spa resort?

On a holiday, we stayed at a spa resort. Although we did not use the spa facilities, we did enjoy the tranquility of the resort. Actually, the clever use of home furnishings and accessories can bring that spa ambience to any home, big or small. No doubt it would be ideal to renovate the entire home, change the flooring and wall coverings to use wood and stone like a close-to-nature spa resort but, hey, you can get the effect for less by refurnishing your home.

First, get rid of all clutter. No matter how beautiful a home is, clutter spoils the look. A messy home is a stressful one. For a tranquil environment, go minimalist.

1. Get a carpenter to do built in cabinets for all the storage in your home. These would maximize your space and keep the clutter out of sight. Go for a natural wood veneer. Rich polished wood cabinets or at least veneer on your cabinets would be a great start for your spa resort inspired home.

Get rid of plastics and artificial eyesores. If a sofa doesn't go with your home, get rid of it. Hold a garage sale to sell off all these things and use the proceeds to by furniture and furnishings made of wood, cane, bamboo, glass, stone or metal, in the natural finish.

2. Put a large vase of fresh cut flowers in every room and some indoor plants to give it a resort ambience.

3. Use uplights and downlights to throw shadows on these plants at night.

4. Buy a fountain and put it in the living room, to simulate the fountains and waters found in spa resorts.

5. Take a large basin and fill it with water and fresh flower petals and floating candles. Light the candles at night to form a majestic yet tranquil display of light and water in the room you intend to spend the night in. Remember to blow out the candles before you sleep and watch out for gas leaks.

6. Play with texture. Rugs or floor covering made of rough natural fibers give any room a close to nature ambience.

7. Decorate your home with rattan baskets and chairs.