Monday, March 21, 2011

70s Retro Decorating Ideas

When I think about the 70s, I think about loud psychedelic colours, big hair, platform shoes and...Mike Myers baby!

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70s Retro Decorating Ideas

The 1970s was a height of the "Me" generation in the United States. Disco ruled the nightlife, and bell bottomed pants and wide collared shirts dominated fashion magazines and store front windows. Decorating in 1970s fashion can be a fun way to relive that time for a party in your home.

Shag Carpet
Shag carpeting in gold and brown tones is the signature style of the 1970s room. Updated shags are still available at all carpet outlets.

Beanbag Chairs
The pellet filled bag was a popular spot to recline in many rooms in this time period, often in loud print colors, Solids and character picture chairs are now available.

Kitchen Bar and Stools
An eat-at bar and decorative stools were also common in the 1970s and are a simple addition to your home. The bars traditionally included storage space for kitchen items, and the table top was smooth and colored to match your kitchen.

Many bedrooms in this era had single-colored, textured bedspreads. Choose yellows, browns or natural greens.

Large stand-alone candles in groups of three to five in varying sizes were a popular 1970s decorating idea. Place the candles on end tables, dining tables and entertainment centers.

Faux Fur Furniture
Faux fur couches, chairs and love seats were common decorating pieces for the modern 1970s home. Usually singular in color, these items can be found at flea markets around the country today, and new items are available at specialty stores.