Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Warm, Fuzzy and Cozy Guest Room

Having some long-distance guests over this weekend? Make them feel at home with these tips.

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10 Tips for Creating a Cozy Guest Room in Your Home

Making your guests feel at home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you’re already decorating an extra bedroom, there are ways to save money along the way. After all, it’s the attention to small details that contributes to an overall homey look. Here are some ways you can make your extra bedroom a relaxing retreat for guests:

1. If you were thinking about repainting anyway, consider choosing a light neutral color for the guest room. Generally, pale yellows and soft grays do the job well for providing a relaxing atmosphere. Dark and bright colors like red, orange, green or pink often create a more chaotic or loud feel, so avoid those colors if you prefer a serene scene.

2. As with all decorating, pick a color theme and stick with it. Bringing too many different colors into one room can make it look cluttered and stressful. Instead, pick two to three colors, and try to keep most decorative items in that same color scheme.

3. Make a welcoming tray of mints and small candies. Food always looks welcoming, and small candies or mints won’t go stale quickly, making it the perfect guest room amenity.

4. Put together a basket of toiletries in the bathroom. Small, travel-sized shampoos and conditioners are great for guests. If you’re worried about the cost of constantly restocking toiletries, you can buy small containers and just refill them yourself with the larger bottles you already have.

5. Stock up on pillows. This is great for making the bed look cozy, as well as giving your guests options depending on their sleep preferences.

6. Hang a mirror in your guest room. This could be either in the bathroom or bedroom, but it’s important they're able to get ready in the morning without having to run through the house to see how they look.

7. Layer the sheets and blankets. Since a comfortable bed is the big focus for your guest to have a great night’s sleep, multiple layers not only make the bed more cozy, but also gives your guest the option to choose their temperature.

8. Lay out towels. A neat stack of clean towels provides good decor (if the colors are consistent) and also saves your guest the trouble of rifling through linen closets.

9. Furnish the room with adequate lighting. Make sure there are nightlights plugged in so that your guest won’t be stumbling around in the dark in an unfamiliar room. This is especially handy in the bathroom if it’s connected to the bedroom.

10. Add some plants. While providing fresh flowers for guests may be costly, you can add a bit of nature into the room by placing a small potted plant on the windowsill or dresser.

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