Monday, September 27, 2010

How to Get Moisture Out of Picture Frames

In this hot and humid weather, we won't be too surprised if condensation wrecks our framed photos. If you see moisture forming, better nip it in the bud!

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How to Get Moisture Out of Picture Frames

There are three good reasons why moisture collects inside picture frames: the picture is hanging in a damp environment such as an unventilated bathroom, a damp basement or a house close to a large body of water. Framed pictures can also develop moisture through condensation. Also, moisture will collect inside picture frames if the back of the frame hasn't been sealed up properly. If you spot condensation inside a picture frame, there is something you can do about it.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need:
1-inch finishing nails
Glass cleaner
Lint-free cloth
1 roll double sided tape
Needle nose pliers
Razor blade
Paint brush
Brown craft paper

1.Lay the frame face down on a work surface, undo the picture hanging wire from the eye screws and remove the eye screws. Tear off the backing paper on the back of the frame if there is some. With a needle nose pliers, pull out the small nails, glazing points or whatever is holding the glass, artwork and backing board in place inside the frame.

2.Put on gloves and remove the glass and artwork from the frame. Separate the glass from the artwork carefully laying it on the work surface condensation side facing up. Put the artwork in a safe location away from the work table.

3.Spray on glass cleaner, using a cloth clean the glass. Look closely making sure no dust, lint or fingerprints are left on the surface of the glass. Clean both sides. Carefully put the picture glass back inside the frame.

4.Bring the artwork back to the work table and inspect it closely. Look for surface dust and lint. Remove any foreign particles with a soft, clean paint brush.

5.Examine the backing board. This is separate from the board the artwork may be mounted on. Feel the backing board for any dampness. If dampness is detected, replace the backing board with a new, clean, dry one the same size.

6.Put the backing board in place, then take a hammer and start tapping in new finishing nails at a slight angle into the picture frame molding. Position them very close to the backing board, every 3 to 4 inches. Drive the nails at a slight angle first, then use the needle nose pliers to press the nails snugly against the backing board.

7.Take the roll of double sided tape and run it all around the back face of the picture frame molding. Remove the backing paper on the tape.

8.Take the roll of brown craft paper and lay it over one edge of the frame. When the end of the roll of paper makes contact with the double sided tape run a finger over the full length of that section of molding to solidly adhere the paper to the frame.

9.Unroll the craft paper at least 4 inches beyond the opposite end of the picture frame keeping it taut at all times. Lower the paper down until it makes contact with the rest of the double sided tape. Seal the paper firmly to the tape by running a finger over the paper.

10.Take a razor blade and cut off the excess craft paper all the way around the frame. Put the eyes crews back in place and reattach the picture hanging wire.