Monday, May 7, 2012

Dengue Protector (Bamboo Holder Cover)

Let's do our part to keep mosquitoes and rainwater out all the time!

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1. Forgetting to cover pole holders after removing bamboo poles, this doubles the breeding of dengue as mosquitoes also breeds in these covers themselves as well as the HDB pole holders.

The automatic opening and closing solution, ensures protection everyday, all 365 days a year. Mosquitoes’ eggs can survive 5years without water and hatch within 1 hour of touching water.

2. Leaving mops or empty bamboo pole inside the holder, also doubles the breeding of dengue. If there is a pole in the holder rainwater will collect in the HDB pole holders as well as the covers that are dangling.

The water barrier inside the Dengue Protector Cover will stop rainwater entering the pole holder, and the water drainage gap inside the Dengue Protector Cover will drain off all excess rainwater entering the Dengue Protector Cover. The forward protruding top, acting like a baseball cap also helps to limit the amount of rainwater entering the pole holder.

3. It’s made of plastic what if I dry heavy wet blankets will it break?

The concave curve design at the bottom of the Dengue Protector Cover ensures that all the weight of the heavy wet blankets will rest on the metal HDB pole holders.

4. What if there are already rainwater, mosquitoes as well as mosquitoes’ eggs inside the HDB pole holder before I fix on the Dengue Protector Cover?

This is the best part of the design; it is also acting like a trap. The Dengue Protector Cover will prevent any mosquitoes from escaping from the HDB pole holder; it has been tested by the NEA and found to be an excellent trap, the Dengue Protector Cover will ensure that even if there are mosquitoes inside it will never get out.

5. How long will it last before it cracks or breaks and becomes ineffective?

There is a UV stabiliser mix inside the plastic, which will ensure that the Dengue Protector Cover does not crack, break or crumble so easily, the 1st prototype is still as effective after 3 years, only the colour has faded a bit.