Friday, March 9, 2012

10 Ideas to Decorate a Living Room You'll Both Love

Do you know that front room can also used to describe a living room, as in many homes living room is at the very front.

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10 Ideas to Decorate a Living Room You'll Both Love

Play With Color
Men typically want wood or leather in brown tones, says designer Christopher Grubb, owner of Beverly Hills-based Arch-Interiors Design Group. Try compromising with gender-neutral colors for the walls, like blues, greens, and oranges. Or focus bright spots of color on accent pillows, a throw, or other accessories.

Use Seating You Can Move
If you pick smaller seating pieces, you can rearrange and change the function of a room in a snap -- especially when the television’s off, Grubb says. Just make sure the seats are comfy, and not overly chic.

Show Both Your Personalities
While a television easily dominates a room, take time to highlight other aspects of your family life that command attention when things are unplugged. Grubb recommends creating a space using floating shelves to display different accessories, heirlooms, family photos, or books.

Choose Furniture to Hide Your Stuff
Find furniture that can help you keep things neat while also concealing speakers and other equipment. Designer Susan Serra, of The Kitchen Designer, crafted this media center with cabinets that hide the television when it’s not on. A decorative cabinet can go a long way here. Similarly, Grubb suggests using ottomans with lift-up lids. They’re decorative and an opportunity to hide stuff, says Grubb. They can also hide random junk lying around - perfect for unexpected guests.

Choose Lights With Purpose
Lighting needs to be flexible in the living room, where you may go from dark movie watching to bright, ambient lights for entertaining. Grubb suggests directional lamps so you can read or watch TV without bothering anyone else in the room. Bonus: get an attractive lamp like a sconce, which will add flair and personality to the room.

Opt for an Area Rug
If you’ve got wood or tile floors, Grubb recommends an area rug to warm it up without making it overly feminine. “It defines the seating space, absorbs sound, and is really a pretty item to have,” he says.

Introduce a Fun Print
If the living room is masculine in design and function, designer Jeannine Williams suggests using vibrant colors or an animal print rug to brighten it up and make it feel more welcoming. Just steer clear of florals.

Add Some Texture
“One of the reasons why dens tend to have a heavy man cave feel is because they tend to be filled with dark overstuffed furniture that feels very masculine,” says interior designer Cathy Hobbs. “I always suggest incorporating texture into a den by using elements such as nubby pillows or soft, thick area rugs such as shag.” Grubb suggests using soft fabrics on upholstered pieces like chenille on chairs or stools to add a tactile softness.

Use Tricks to Minimize Electronics
“The den is usually centered on the TV, and I think a flat screen on the wall is key to having the en vogue look, but you can do things to help hide it as well,” says interior designer Erinn Valencich. If the TV is black, paint the wall that it sits on a darker color, she suggests. Or, try putting a tall vase of branches or flowering stalks on the side of the TV so you don’t see it from that side. You can also put frames of different sizes on the same wall so the TV isn’t the focal point.

Don’t Forget Your Other Senses
When your living room gets taken over with beer cans and snack bowls during football season, why not make sure it at least smells nice? Try candles or aromatherapy oils for a subtle, memorable scent – and a little balance for both of you.