Friday, February 10, 2012

Create a romantic bedroom for Valentine's Day

There are 10 different ideas for you to choose from!

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Create a romantic bedroom for Valentine's Day

Add a chaise longue
A chaise longue is a sexy piece of furniture - fact! Why not pamper your partner on a chaise longue instead of the bed? And even if you don’t use the chaise longue it adds decadent style to a bedroom or lounge.

Hang fairy lights
Getting the ambience right is key to creating a romantic bedroom and fairy lights can do the trick, giving the room a touch of magic with twinkling lights.

Choose sheer curtains and fabrics
Sheer fabrics give a room a soft, inviting vibe and are a great alternative to expensive curtains, plus you can layer colours to accent your colour scheme.

Scatter boudoir cushions
A bed piled high with a variety of cushions can provide a sensual centre point for a room, and they don’t have to be matching; a mish-mash of shapes, styles and patterns looks great. Team with a sumptuous faux-fur bedspread for added luxury.

Treat your feet to a fur rug
If your budget doesn’t stretch to a deep-pile shag carpet a rug is a cheaper option, but a just-as-sexy alternative.

Sprinkle rose petals on the pillow
Why not add a touch of hotel honeymoon suite chic with rose petals scattered on the bed. Heighten your senses by placing vases of flowers around the room and chocolates on the pillows.

Add a glamorous screen
A screen is a great way to section-off a room and a fun way to tease your partner. It’s also a useful piece of furniture if you’re shy of getting undressed in front of your date.

Accessorise with tactile pieces
Tactile accessories add an unusual and inviting touch to a room. Fill vases with large coloured feathers, coloured twigs and silk flowers.

Light scented candles
Candlelight provides a super-sexy bedroom ambience, and scented candles can add an amorous aroma. Choose candles with ylang ylang, neroli and patchouli essential oils — all reputed aphrodisiacs!

Choose silk and satin bedsheets
Finally, and possibly most importantly, bed clothes are crucial. There’s no point romancing a room and then covering the bed with tatty sheets. Silk, satin and faux-fur are good choices.