Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Seasonal white interior design

Use white the right way in your home...

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Seasonal white interior design

White interior decors are actually very common. Nevertheless, they tend to seem more striking during this particular time of the year. When everything is white and snowy outside, it’s much easier to notice the resemblance with the interior in cases like this one. This particular interior design is very interesting not only because of the huge amount of white in there but also because of the way everything else seems to complement the house and the way the other colors stand out.

Usually we use white when we either have a small home and we want to make it seem bigger or when we simply want to have an airy and bright interior décor. In this case it’s probably both reasons. Notice how all the rooms have white walls and ceilings. This creates uniformity throughout the house and makes all the room seem so airy and spacious. That’s not only because of the colors but also because the furniture is minimalist and features pale colors such as grey or natural brown.

I love the way the interior of this house reminds me of a black and white movie but with small insertions of color. Also, it’s interesting how the designer incorporated natural elements inside without using clichés. There aren’t any fresh plants in there but only dead trees or leafless plants.{pics from site}