Thursday, April 28, 2011

Functionality and Decor With Eco-friendly Shower Curtains

Set up your very own eco bathroom by adding this to your bathroom!

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Functionality and Decor With Eco-friendly Shower Curtains

When it comes to bathroom décor, there will always be a new trend, something more daring and sophisticated than ever before. However, the decorating or remodeling of your bathroom interior should be a matter of personal taste, rather than one of going with the trend. And you can give a completely new and stylish look to your bathroom or add your personal touch without investing too much in the process. The little details are very important, and you might be surprised to see what a unique shower curtain can do to the décor of your bathroom.

With the variety of shower curtains available on the market today, it is virtually impossible not to find one that you will absolutely love. You could find the right shower curtain and build the rest of your bathroom around it, or you could look for the shower curtain that is most suitable to your exiting bathroom décor. Either way, your options are extremely varied. You can opt for one of the models that already exist in specialized shops (both online and in the real world), or you can choose to have a custom shower curtain and have something very personal or meaningful to you reproduced on your shower curtain. The effect will be great.

Specialized web sites are the ideal place to look for such new, sophisticated and modern shower curtains. They sell shower curtains in a wide range of materials, colors and designs, and they are constantly adding new models, so that you can have a truly unique shower curtain. For instance, the world map shower curtain is among the most popular choices of curtains online. Just imagine what your bathroom is going to look like once you’ve replaced your old and boring shower curtain with a world map shower curtain. Are you getting just a bit tired of the way your bathroom looks? Try a world map shower curtain for a change. You’ll be surprised how well it looks. You’re not into geography, and a world map shower curtain is not your style? Rest assured that there are many other models to choose from. Photographic shower curtains are something new and innovative. Adding your personal touch and giving your bathroom a fresh new look requires neither too much time nor too much money. One of these unique shower curtains will do the trick.

When it comes to the material of the shower curtain, once again you are presented with several choices. The most popular type of material for shower curtains is plastic, for reasons that are easy to understand. After all, your shower curtain still has to be functional. However, if you are going with the current trend in terms of protecting the environment, you might be interested in purchasing an eco-friendly shower curtain. The eco-friendly shower curtain is made of biodegradable plastic, namely polyethylene vinyl acetate. You can rely on it to serve its purpose just like any other kind of shower curtain. Furthermore, the eco-friendly shower curtain is available in many designs, including the world map model. And it is cheaper than many other models of unique shower curtains!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Home Decor Gift Ideas

Here's some tips without breaking the budget!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Home Decor Tips for a Romantic Night In

Here's some advice on how you can have a night of romance!

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Home Décor Tips for a Romantic Night In

Here's what you can do:

Set a Beautiful Bespoke Table:
Using the free space on your dinner table to complement the romantic atmosphere. By paying attention to the colour palette. Add touches of red for table linen and off-setting these with neutral crockery are a sophisticated and traditional colour palette. Or use more audacious schemes, mixing deep mauves and reds with touches of gold or silver bringing richness to the overall setting.

Play with Lights:
If your dimmer switch doesn't turn down all the way to 'romantic', play with candles. For a romantic table setting, use candelabras of varying heights to cast a golden glow. The candle light will also reflect on the glassware, which will bring the whole scheme together.

Set the Right Mood:
Creating a lush environment by filling a living space like a living room with throw pillows and art deco bowls willed with petals.

Sex Up the Bedroom:
Switching your regular light bulbs for those that cast a pink or amber glow. If that's too much, use coloured sheer cloth to create said pink glow by placing them over lamp shades. Get high thread count sheets for you bed.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunshine Staircase and Hallway

Let's take a look on how you can actually convert a hallway into a commodious area!

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Sunshine Staircase and Hallway

The bright yellow walls are complimented by a dado rail and wallpaper, to echo the hall's Victorian features.

Strip the walls, fill the gaps and then paint the walls a bright sunshine yellow.

Dado rail
Attach a dado rail at waist height on the wall. Below the rail, paste thick embossed paper to simulate a Victorian look. Paint the rail and the wallpaper white.

Remove the old stair and hall carpet. Strip the floorboards in the entrance hall and coat with a mix of 50% varnish, 50% white spirit for natural look.

Put down a new stair carpet. Choose a deep blue to add warmth to the floor area.

Finishing touches
Complete the look with a pine framed mirror and white church candles.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Top Tips for Choosing Bathroom Flooring

Renovating or designing a bathroom is a lot of work. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the floor for your bathroom.

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Top Tips for Choosing Bathroom Flooring

Make a Small Bathroom Look Larger with the Right Kind of Floor
Most people have to deal with bathrooms that are relatively small. There's just no getting around it. However, there are ways to make a small bathroom look a lot larger. One of the best ways to do so is by choosing your flooring with care. A light-colored floor is one of the simplest yet most dramatic ways to give a small bathroom a much more spacious look and feel. Better still, use similar tones for the walls and the floor to create the illusion of a lot more space.

Why Ceramic Works Best
If you're looking for a bathroom floor material that is affordable, attractive and easy on bare feet, you should make a beeline for ceramic. This type of floor material can include many unique textures and designs that go along with virtually any interior design scheme. Ceramic is wonderfully waterproof, too, which is a critical point when it comes to designing a bathroom - nothing is worse than stepping onto a damp, soggy floor. Ceramic tiles are available in a breathtaking array of different styles, sizes and designs, too, making it a snap to get the look that is right for you.

Vinyl: A Suitable Choice
Vinyl feels great underfoot; it's also very waterproof and a snap to maintain. Best of all, vinyl flooring is very affordable. A wide variety of different patterns and designs are available, making it a versatile and exciting choice for the bathroom. Put vinyl near the top of your list if you want to stick to a strict budget while still achieving a stylish and attractive look.

The Trouble with Marble
Some people believe that marble is the be-all, end-all in terms of bathroom floors. However, marble is a highly porous material; it is also very soft. What that means is that it absorbs and retains moisture with ease. In the bathroom, that can spell major trouble. As beautiful and luxurious as marble may be, it is generally not a suitable choice for the bathroom.

Why Carpeting isn't Ideal for the Bathroom
While it's fine to throw down a few colorful rugs in a bathroom, having wall-to-wall carpeting installed isn't a very smart move. Carpet needs to stay as dry as possible; even if you are a stickler about not stepping onto your carpet with sopping wet feet, the moisture in the air will wreak plenty of havoc. While carpet feels wonderful beneath the feet, it just isn't a practical choice for the bathroom. Invest in a few cute area rugs and leave the carpeting for other parts of the home.

Want Wood? Try Laminate Flooring Instead
The idea of a luxurious wood floor in the bathroom may sound great, but it is fraught with all sorts of issues. A wood floor must be impeccably installed in order to stand a chance in the bathroom, where moisture and standing water can destroy it in no time flat. Plus, wood must be finished in a precise way in order to make a go of it. If you'd like the look of wood in a material that can withstand the perils of the bathroom, laminate flooring may be for you. It is available in many wood-style finishes that will make your bathroom look amazing.

Getting the Bathroom of Your Dreams
You don't have to sell yourself short when it comes to choosing a floor for your bathroom. There are many modern choices - like laminate floors and engineered wood floors - that allow you to enjoy the look of classic materials without all of the issues. Take your time in shopping for floors for your bathroom. Don't make your final decision until you have investigated every option. Most importantly, don't compromise on the look that you want. By checking out some of today's best options, it's more than possible to get the style that you need at an amazing price.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Have restful sleep with memory foam mattress

If you’ve made the decision to purchase a memory foam mattress, it is important to understand the features of this innovative mattress prior to purchase.

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Have restful sleep with memory foam mattress

Decides all being constructed of the same material, memory foam, there are drastic differences between different memory foam mattresses.

One way in which memory foam mattresses vary from each other is the manner in which they respond to heat. You might think this doesn’t seem that important but if you understand how memory foam works, you’ll be surprised to find out that it actually does matter. Memory foam mattresses are made of foam which changes according to temperature. The foam then either softens or hardens depending upon this temperature. Cooler temperatures cause it to be firmer while warmer ones cause it to be softer. This is how the memory foam mattress is able to conform to your own body. It provides different levels of support along your entire body as the temperature varies along the length of your body. In this manner, pressure points are prevented from forming which allows you to sleep well.

Another factor to look at is the density of the mattress. This does vary significantly from mattress to mattress. Each mattress will give you information about its density. Density is important because it will tell you how durable the mattress is as well as how supportive it will be for your body. Generally, experts recommend that you purchase a memory foam mattress with a density as low as 5.3 pounds or as high as 6.2 pounds. These will last much longer over time and provide you with an appropriate amount of support. However, memory foam mattresses the have a density of 4.5 pounds or more are considered good. If you see a memory foam mattress with a density of 3 pounds to 4.5 pounds is considered a mid-grade of memory foam. Memory foam mattresses with density below 3.5 pounds it poor and really would not be a wise purchase. Take the time to select the mattress that will be an investment that will pay off every night you secure a restful sleep.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Interactive Study Room

Combine elements of a period house with contemporary materials to create an interactive study room with features for both adults and children.

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Interactive Study Room

Walls and floor
Give the bare plaster walls an undercoat of white base coat, then paint in light grey. Paint out the woodwork and coving in the same colour but in a water-based eggshell. Paint the floor in a slightly lighter shade of grey over the existing floorboards.

Remove most of the existing furniture from the room and construct a large table to act as a computer/work/play table, using planed scaffolding planks attached to four junk shop table legs. Sand and paint the table in the light grey water-based eggshell.

Spray pieces of junk shop furniture to produce a flat, smooth hard wearing finish. Spray paint the dining chairs, filing cabinet drawers, a display cabinet and picture frames using a hired compressor in the light grey water-based eggshell.

Magnetic world map
To include an interactive feature and to add colour to the otherwise monochrome room, paste a large six piece wall map onto sheets of mild steel to make it magnetic. Attach it to one wall. Customise small picture magnets with photographs and images.

Fire surround and shelves
Fit an ornate plaster Victorian fire surround to highlight the age of the room and spray it light grey. Construct box shelves from 18mm MDF to sit either side of the chimney breast and paint it out in the light grey water-based eggshell.

Curtains and cushions
Replace the original curtains with traditional damask ones and dye the fabric to the light grey wall colour and print it in an illuminous fabric paint. Use this fabric for cushions on the window seat along with grey velvet and light grey linen.

Wall boxes
Make a series of small boxes from 12mm MDF to hold wooden blocks 5cm x 5cm x 5cm. Stencil the blocks with traditional letters in the light grey and hang them from picture hooks and wire along one wall to act as an interactive spelling game.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Focus On Style With Replacement Windows

How can you narrow your options and find the best replacement windows for your home?

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Focus On Style With Replacement Windows

Finding the right replacement windows involves lots of research and discussions with contractors.

Styles New and Old
One important place to start is with the window style. As you narrow down replacement window styles, look at your existing windows and the architectural elements of your home. Take special note of the sizes and shapes, as well as how the window opens and closes.

Older homes often have double-hung windows, which have interior and exterior sashes that slide vertically. Newer houses might have casement windows that feature large areas of clear glass and typically open outward. Each creates a different architectural effect and changes the overall look of your home remodeling project.

Replacement: Merging Window Styles
If you are buying replacement windows for a room addition, look for a style that blends with your existing windows. The window can be larger or smaller, but should carry through the same shape, trim, and accents.

The details of the window also should be a factor. If you have windows with a divided light pattern, those details should carry through to the replacement windows. This will show consistency and make the room addition appear to be part of the original house.

Talk to a Contractor
Some houses have a mix of styles, which makes remodeling tricky. The best bet is to talk with a window contractor about which replacement window style more closely blends with the house. The contractor would look at the architectural style, the roof lines, exterior materials, and other features.

The style of your replacement windows can have a big affect on the overall look of the home. Talk with your contractor early in the process to ensure you are focusing on the right style for your housing design.

Friday, April 1, 2011