Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Home Decor Tips for a Romantic Night In

Here's some advice on how you can have a night of romance!

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Home Décor Tips for a Romantic Night In

Here's what you can do:

Set a Beautiful Bespoke Table:
Using the free space on your dinner table to complement the romantic atmosphere. By paying attention to the colour palette. Add touches of red for table linen and off-setting these with neutral crockery are a sophisticated and traditional colour palette. Or use more audacious schemes, mixing deep mauves and reds with touches of gold or silver bringing richness to the overall setting.

Play with Lights:
If your dimmer switch doesn't turn down all the way to 'romantic', play with candles. For a romantic table setting, use candelabras of varying heights to cast a golden glow. The candle light will also reflect on the glassware, which will bring the whole scheme together.

Set the Right Mood:
Creating a lush environment by filling a living space like a living room with throw pillows and art deco bowls willed with petals.

Sex Up the Bedroom:
Switching your regular light bulbs for those that cast a pink or amber glow. If that's too much, use coloured sheer cloth to create said pink glow by placing them over lamp shades. Get high thread count sheets for you bed.