Thursday, October 13, 2011

15 beautiful canopy beds

What's so special about canopy beds? The four corners! =)

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15 beautiful canopy beds

I’ve always been attracted by canopy beds. I’ve always been attracted by the idea of having one.
What do you think? What is the profile of a person who has a canopy in his bedroom?

I think a person who has something like this must be at least romantic. Since the bed is the main furniture piece in a bedroom, i think it should reflect that person’s personality. Canopy is a decorative accessory for the bedroom that evoke romance, intense love stories and…a lot of champagne.

Canopy beds represent the gateway to a whole new world. A fantasy with eyes wide open.

Technically speaking, a canopy leads to a private space. It creates the intimacy, the feeling of being protected by everything. And indeed, the main purpose of a canopy is protection. At it’s origins, the canopy was used for protecting the bed against bugs during sleep.

With time, it came out to be one of the most romantic ideas to create a romantic atmosphere. Choosing the right material, and the right bed, you can push your bedroom to be a romantic place where the magic actually happens.

If you find yourself being a person that i have described, i got for you 15 beautiful canopy beds as inspiration.