Friday, August 26, 2011

Tips for Creating a Pet Friendly Home

Let's pamper your pets!

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Tips for Creating a Pet Friendly Home

For many pet owners their dogs, cats and other furry or feathered friends are a part of the family. They have free run of the house and make themselves as at home as the two-legged members of the household. But let's face it, they can cause a mess. So here are some tips for keeping your pet-filled home as clean and attractive as possible.

Use pet-friendly fabrics on the furniture as much as you can. Save not-so-pet friendly fabrics like silks and velvets for areas the pets won't be using (such as window treatments). And be honest with yourself. If you're going to invite the dog into bed to cuddle with you make sure you have the appropriate washable bedding.

If you have a dog or a cat it's fairly safe to say that vacuuming is a big part of your life. Save yourself time and hassle by investing in a good quality vacuum. Cheap versions often don't have as strong a suction and it can make it a lot tougher to pick up pet hair.

Don't use wall-to-wall carpet. Pet stains are a fact of life and it can be really tough to remove odor from carpets. No matter how often you clean it the stains can set in and eventually it can even get a bit moldy. If you like the look and feel of carpet try an area rug that can be removed and periodically sent for cleaning.

Keep pet accessories like leashes, coats, and whatever else your pet uses outside near the entrance the pet uses most frequently. It's also a good idea to keep a towel there for wiping down dirty paws. This will prevent him or her from tracking in dirt.

Keep toys and treats in attractive containers. Wicker baskets are great for pet toys (unless he or she chews on it in which case you might want to find an alternative). Treats are great in nice glass or metal kitchen canisters. There are also tons of nice ones available in pet stores.

Create a designated area for your pet to eat and drink. Set aside a corner of the kitchen, mudroom, or whatever area works in your home and have a placemat set up with food and water bowls. Make it attractive so that it works with your d├ęcor and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb.

If you really want to go that extra step you can buy furniture that matches your pet. It might sound a little crazy but choosing a sofa fabric in the same color shades as your pet's fur will keep the sofa from looking really hairy all the time. Granted, the hair will still be there until you clean it, but at least casual visitors won't notice it!