Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Luxury Home Décor Tips

How about injecting some luxury into your home this coming 2011?

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10 Luxury Home Decor Tips

Which of our 10 luxury home decor tips are for you? With todays focus on green, natural materials are being used in luxury living. Geographical location also dictates a huge portion of what makes oversized homes considered luxury living. Floral and wood are big in the south while the north uses wood, glass and lots of brick.

Sliding doors on kitchen cabinets. Wall units and/or kitchen cabinets with sliding doors are being used for a modern appearance in the kitchen area. This luxury home decor tip allows for easy access to plates, cook ware, etc.

Install wallpaper. Wallpaper with large patterns or bold coloring are back in style for modern luxury home decor. Matching draperies are available for many wallpaper patterns. Luxury home decorating tip: Single colored or matching draperies with wallpaper will give a luxurious effect.

Walls of window or brick. Window walls are being used to replace an entire or near entire outside wall, while brick walls are being used to divide a room or rooms. Use of these materials on one or more walls gives a luxury home feeling.

Use wood on ceilings, walls and beams. For a Mediterranean look, ceiling beams are being used painted or unpainted both with dry wall and wood. Entire walls and/or ceilings of wood are modern features being used in luxury homes.

Raised and lowered portions of flooring. Platforms under beds, sliding doors and sunken or raised room(s) are luxury decor tips used in modern homes today. Choose an area or a room to feature varied flooring levels that can be installed by a professional or a talented do it your-selfer.

Install tile or wood flooring. Large tiles as well as wood flooring are used in many luxury homes. Both are designed for long wear with regular maintenance.

Display huge live floral arrangements. Create huge arrangements of flowers to display on the main floor. For added luxury living, have an arrangement in each room of the main floor.

Pools or spas. Install one of both of these either indoor or outdoor. Space and usage will dictate which feature is best for luxury home decor tips.

Use marble for an expensive, luxurious effect. Floors, fireplaces, bathrooms, counter tops and furniture made using marble give a luxury home look. Choose a smaller piece of furniture if your budget is limited.

Install oversized shower areas. Huge shower areas are a must have in luxury home decor tips. Hand held shower heads and clips are attached to room sized shower area's.