Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sew What?

Sewing rooms are great fun for those who love creating something from scratch. Make it a place you retreat into when you're in the mood to create and be creative.

Article taken off ehow.com

Decorating a Sewing Room

Make your sewing room a welcoming and inspiring place that you will want to spend time in while tackling your projects for fun or profit. The name of the game is organization, but don't be afraid to add a little warmth with some of your own handiwork.

You can decorate a sewing room all you want as long as you stay organized and know where everything goes.

A sewing room typically features a few items, including a table, storage for fabrics and sewing notions, a large, flat surface for laying out fabric and perhaps a dress form or mannequin. These are great jumping-off points for decorating your sewing room. To add visual interest, consider altering your core items or using custom pieces that will highlight your sense of style. For example, instead of an ordinary folding table on which to lay your fabrics, consider a long butcher block table. Or, if you are on a budget, cover the table's surface with paint and shellac. Be careful, however, not to make the surface too uneven.

Consider your personal taste when decorating your sewing room. You may have the skill to create elegant curtains, so why not put your abilities to work? Or, consider using scrap fabric ias d├ęcor for your room. For example, try making a patchwork seat cover on which to sit while sewing.

The size of your sewing room is not important, as long as you effectively use your space. In smaller rooms, you will have to make use of vertical space by decorating from the ground up. Consider hanging a spool rack on a wall instead of setting it on a flat surface. Especially in smaller spaces, make use of mirrors and open storage to maximize space. This will keep you from feeling claustrophobic when trying to work on your next sewing project.

One of the benefits of having a decorated sewing room is that it will encourage you to spend your free time there. Hence, it will also be a place where you perfect your sewing abilities.