Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ways to Increase Security at Home

One of the most encouraging things about security is that most thefts can be avoided. Most burglaries are conducted by amateurs so there are some practical ways to stop them before anything happens. Read on for some tips on improving home safety.

On locking up

Always lock the doors, even for short trips outside. Do not make it easy for a thief by making it possible to just waltz through the front door.

Change the locks when moving in to a new house or when the keys are lost. It is always a security risk when people might have access to your home.

Avoid using spring-latch locks because they are easy to pick. Burglars can just slip a credit card against the latch to unlock the door. Instead, use a deadbolt lock.

Do not forge the outside when it comes to the use of locks. Even exterior doors should have deadbolt locks installed on them.

Prevent the locks from being tampered with by ensuring that the space between the door and the frame is not excessive. Better yet, reinforce the door using plywood or sheet metal.

Solder the screw heads of window locks so that they cannot be easily removed.

A burglar-proof home

Thieves can easily disconnect an alarm system if the wires are exposed so ensure all wirings are hidden.

Take time to think about how you would enter your home without the use of your keys. You will be surprised to see how much insight you can gain on improving your home security, just by exercising your imagination.

Install motion activated lights for the front door. Illuminating the area discourages thieves from trying to pick the locks.

Even the garden should be burglar-proof. Get rid of thick shrubs that block the view of the front door or trees that can be used to climb into a window.

Beside being great companions, dogs are also great in drawing attention to strangers. Trained guard dogs are also an option if you have the skill to handle one.

Make sure that the door hinges face the inside. It prevents a thief from removing the door completely to gain entry.

If the door frames are rotten or broken, have them replaced immediately. Doors that are structurally weak are attractive to burglars because it does not take much effort to break them down.

Burglars are enticed by glass doors, because they can easily be manipulated. To make them harder to manipulate, place a metal bar in the track of the door slide. Additionally, install deadbolts or fortify the glass panels so that the glass is not just simply broken to gain entry.

Reinforce windows with locks and make sure that they are included in the alarm system. When it comes to the glass, pick designs that make use of small glass panes instead of a big one so they are harder to break.

Mind your behaviour

Thieves know that most people are in the habit of hiding a spare key in the mailbox or under the doormat. Those are the first places they would look. Instead, get creative. For instance, wrap the key in foul and bury it in a place only you know of.

Burglars are less likely to enter a house that looks occupied. Keep the lights on or turn on the television when out of the house, to discourage intruders.

Never advertise the fact that you are not home by leaving notes on the front door. If you have a message, contact the person directly.

Report any suspicious activity, such as unfamiliar people and cars, to authorities. Talk to your neighbours if you see someone lurking about.

Personalize your tools by painting the handles a distinct colour. They won’t get stolen if they look easily identifiable.

Remove your name from the mailbox or the telephone book. Do not make it easy for burglars to gather information on your household.

Do not procrastinate when it comes to fixing broken alarm systems. Not only will you ensure that the property is protected all the time, neighbours are also more likely to respond to an alarm if they know that it is not broken.

Be wary of people coming in the home

Only work with professional house cleaners who are reputable. Make sure that all the references check out. The easiest way for burglars to take property is a situation wherein they are allowed in the house freely.

Professional thieves often scope out a potential location by pretending to be salespeople. Before letting anyone come in, make sure that the proper identification is presented. When in doubt, call the company they represent. When still in doubt, do not let them in.

Never let a stranger inside the house. If someone asks to use the phone, make the call yourself.