Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Home Decor Design Trends for 2010!

Wouldn't you sleep better if you knew the sheets your body is lying on was produced socially responsibly? I've always sought ways to live more conciously by incorporating elements into my life which are in line with my beliefs. Boy, am I glad that such responsible living movements are on the rise. Check out other home decor design trends likely to be huge this coming 2010!

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Home Decor and Interior Design Trends 2009
Written by Carmen M. Natschke

It's that time of year again! Design trends for 2009 have been compiled and are ready for showing. I picked the top ten decor, furniture and design trends that I think will have a major impact through 2009 and onto 2010.

Home Decor Trends 2009

1. UNIQUELY ME CHIC Personalized and eclectic approach to design. Re-emergence of styles like Hollywood Regency where furniture and decor is mixed and matched to suit the homeowners personality and showcase decor they have collected "along the way".

Desire for one-of-a kind items and an appreciation for the artisan, hand-crafted products for the home.

3. PATTERN PRIDE An increasing movement toward Art Deco and Art Noveau inspired shapes and patterns, paisleys, geometrics, floral, botanicals, animal prints and birds.

4. STYLE SHOCK Mosaics and patchworks on everything from soft textiles to furniture. One of my favorites and rather ambitious mix of styles, materials and patterns is the Bellini Chair from Versace Home.

Silky eco-bedding and other high-end objects get the Green Treatment. Green goes Luxe will be huge for 2009 and beyond with companies like Anna Sova and SDH Linens bringing to market eco-linens that feel like and look like silk.

6.MODERN EMBRACE Not really a new trend, in itself, but rather a continued movement toward contemporary design at home. A fun stylistic twist gaining prominence and becoming "mainstreamed" is the re-interpretation of class period pieces in new , fresh vibrant forms and designs. One personal favorite is Louis XVI Medallion Chair (Gilles Nouhailhac) painted a modern color and wearing an updated 21st century upholstery.

7. FASHIONISTA FINERY Dressmaker details on soft textiles brings the glamour and beauty from the fashion runways home. Accent pillows will be wearing belts, crystals, sequence, 3d floral embellishements and other details that will make the Fashionista in you swoon.

8. DESIGN WITHOUT BORDERS Merging of multi-cultural designs - Inspired from cultures and nations across the globe - with specific focus on China, Russia, Morocco, several Latin American countries and India.

Green, Sustainable and Fair Trade in products for the home. Consumers want more than a "Green" label they want the story behind the product. They want proof that what they buy meets their Green Standard and allows for societal responsibility. One company of several that I like to highlight that produce "Live Responsibly" products is Malaika. Their linens are created from organic cotton that is grown, spun, woven, sewn and embroidered in Egypt by underprivileged women who are taught how to embroider.

Designing and decorating the home in soothing earth inspired colors and creating a serene, secure and happy environment (through design) in which to retreat from the crazy economic upheaval, global conflicts and the multitude of stresses outside the door of your home.